Bordspel beschermhoesjes Large (59x92 mm)

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100 hoesjes, o.a. geschikt voor de kaartjes van: Agricola, Dominion, Le Havre, Cuba, El Grande en meer. Het formaat van de hoesjes is 59x92 mm.



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Deze hoesjes zijn geschikt voor:
•Aladdin's Dragons (cards are slightly too small)
•Balloon Cup
•Blue Moon City
•The Bucket King
•Civilization big cards (cards are 13mm too short)
•Cuba (big cards)
•Der Herr der Ringe
•Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde
•Edel, Stein & Reich
•El Grande big cards
•For Sale
•A Game of Thrones
•Jambo Exp.
•Knights of the Charlemagne
•Le Havre
•Lord of the Rings by Knizia
•Notre Dame
•Olimpia 2000
•Relationship Tightrope
•San Juan
•Starship Catan
•Stone Age
•Taj Mahal
•Top Race
•Up Front
•Witch's Brew
•Many other games

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5.9 x 9.2 cm.