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AKHENATON, Pharaoh of the Upper and Lower Egypt, god among the men, all-mighty sovereign, trembles before nothing and no one. There is nonetheless one mistake that even kings cannot afford to make: forget his own wedding anniversary! Especially when the wife is no one else than the sublime Nefertiti.


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But, it is only two days before the big day that the powerful monarch remembers the significant date. He then entrusts his counsellors –YOU ! – with the important mission of finding the most beautiful and orginal gifts.

AND NOW, PLAY ON ! Send your servants in every corner of Egypt, from Gizeh to Abou Simbel, and obtain the most magnificent objects. If Nefertiti enjoys your presents, there is no doubt the Pharaoh will reward you with generosity!

Original, dynamic and accessible, NEFERTITI takes 3 to 4 players, for one game (approximately 45 minutes), in the different market places of Egypt. Trade, auction and tactic game all in one, NEFERTITI distinguishes itself through its great mecanisms fluidity and a pharaonic pleasure to play, for games always renewed.

Game contain:
1 board
5 market plates
16 servant spawns
4 score markers
30 coins
12 royal Seal Chips
46 gift cards
1 Akhenaton card
13 character cards
2 Six-sided die
1 ankh checklist
1 record Markets
1 character Sheet
1 rulebook


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45 minuten
339 x 232 x 50