Keeping Up With The Joneses: New York (1000)

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Volg de avonturen van Mr en Mrs Jones nadat zij de loterij hebben gewonnen.
Puzzel van 1000 stukjes, 69 x 49 cm.


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Winning the lottery was quite a shock for Mr Jones the plumber, and his wife.  Once they had stood and smiled for the cameras and been on local radio and TV, there was only one thing for it – bank the cheque and book a nice holiday to somewhere really special.  They’d never been abroad before, but they had heard about the Big Apple.

Stood there amongst the skyscrapers and yellow taxis, Mr Jones couldn’t help noticing the strange pipes coming up out of the pavements and he wondered if there might be any plumbing jobs that needed doing.  He also noticed some familiar faces that they hoped they had left behind! The story continues…
Join the family, along with some unwanted followers, as they journey around the world and spend their winnings in style!


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68 x 48 cm. (puzzel)